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Despite the fact that the game was made in 2008 and that not a great deal of money was spent on creating it, especially when compared to the amount of money that was spent on some of the other blockbuster titles of the day, the graphics are still really good. However, the game does unfortunately suffer from serious framerate issues during actual gameplay and during the cut scenes but the overall detail in certain aspects such as the shadowing and in the design of the creatures, buildings & backgrounds are superb to look at and are reasonably impressive.

The mythological creatures that you so often get to do battle with while playing on this game are also rather creepy to look at and this adds to the suspense and excitement of the game which has been panned by so many. The character modelling could have done with lot more improvement and while the music on this game is fitting, along with its intense and realistic sound effects, both of which are not worth complaining about, some of the acting in the smaller interactions could have been so much better.

The player controls are mediocre at best and the movements can seem somewhat uncooperative in parts but once you have got used to this minor issue it’s not actually too bad and quickly becomes bearable, especially when you compare the cumbersome controls that hundreds of other games at the time had. This is also one of those games where no real strategy is needed. For the most part you just aim your gun and shoot and so the overall gameplay is not as great as one would expect. It can feel a little repetitive with no real missions to complete, which is why some people have compared this game to the shoot ‘em up games that you can find at land-based arcades, which are not designed for you to immerse yourself in for hours at a time.

Although the enemies that you encounter throughout this game have fairly decent A.I, they are also relatively easy to defeat, particularly the mythological creatures which seem to just come at you with no weapons to attack you with. They can sometimes be facing the wrong way or can see a little confused as to what’s happening and this can take the fear element out of playing. However, the Black Order soldiers have fairly decent A.I. and are slightly harder to defeat. These ones can fire back at you, but you can easily take cover from the soldiers and it’s still not too difficult to destroy them.

There are a lot of tight spaces as you work your way through this game with annoyingly narrow passageways and even smaller spaces like air ducts and cramped sewers, which makes freedom of movement even more restricted. You will, however, find the occasional open space to fight in with plenty of room to move around, but the majority of the time these fight scenes take place in tighter spaces which is just not fun. You also can’t unlock any more special fighting abilities as you play. Players are kind of just stuck with the healing ability and the pulse stun attack that’s fired from your hand, plus you’re also extremely limited on the number of weapons that you have access to (less than ten individual guns to use and choose from throughout the entire game).

This is one of the only major real let-downs because with a game like this you would expect to have access to an even wider range of shooting weapons and it would have been great to be able to unlock even more special powers which is the case with most other games from this particular genre. It has a few semi-automatic weapons and even a flamethrower, but that’s about it really.


While most experienced players wouldn’t ever recommend this game and have pegged it as either flat out bad or mediocre at best, there’s still a small percentage of players out there who enjoy playing the game. For the Legendary video game to have been taken to the next level a much bigger pile of cash would have been needed and a more prominent game developer working behind the scenes would have made this game into something much more exciting and memorable.

The Legendary video game from 2008 has become a hard game to find and if you can manage to find it anywhere it shouldn’t cost you any more than a few dollars to purchase. In other words, the good news is that you won’t be losing much money if you purchase it and then decide that you don’t like it. It’s a great game for beginners or for those of you who have never played on a FPS video game before.

The company that made this game no longer exists and they eventually folded in 2015 after having made only five games (Lost Planet 3, Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, Call of Duty: Finest Hour and, of course, Legendary). We would love to see a remake of this game, but this time around it would be good to see even more exotic weapons & more exciting locations, along with improved player controls and a general overhaul of the finer details.

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